ISE seriec ECG

Infromationized ECG for mobile application


Bring ECG to the information era

With outstanding tablet design, the iSE is intended to bring exceptional mobile experience and

to build a seamless connection to the IT systems. It is competent to fit into applications such

as ambulance or first-aid, as well as modern paperless informationized hospitals.

and posterior wall of heart.

Self-adaptive Filter Technology

The innovative self-adaptive AC filter technology ensures more desirable ECG signal quality in real clinical setting, especially under extreme environment with unstable voltage.

On-screen Measurements & Diagnosis

Any waveform can be amplified and measured. Any report can be edited and confirmed.

Historic report can be selected and compared side by side.

Powerful connectivity capability

The iSE provides various network solutions to share the ECG data with IT system via LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 4G.


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